chattanooga, tn


given today's market trends, economic growth & promising future, now is a great time to invest in the chattanooga, tn real estate market

green for today & tomorrow 

we deliver a product of superior quality, utilizing local, renewable & sustainable resources wherever possible-

homes to last for generations, with the future always in mind

location, location, location 

professionals in the field of 50+ combined years of expertise in the area of real estate, carefully analyze the sites of our projects 

 timeless design

we search for the highest quality & most fitting materials available- ensuring it stands the test of time & is therefore sustainable-

our design implements neutral palettes 

that aim to appeal to the majority-

we cater to the growing green urban aesthetic



committed to providing a product that offers the highest energy savings possible- 

aiming towards affordability & sustainability combined-

intent on environmental sensibility 

sustainable living

about g&l