our principles

green & lofty basics

Timeless Design,  aesthetically pleasing finishes, neutral palettes, as well as, brand name top-of-the-line energy efficient appliances & fixtures

  • indoor air quality IAQ
  • non-toxic materials
  • REGREEN Trained standards 
  • resource conservation
  • greener healthy structures
  • energy efficiency
  • affordability
  • longer life cycle
  • tightly sealed envelope
  • environmental responsibility

Local Expert Consultants in the fields of real estate, architecture, finance, etc with a proven track record to support our vision for a greener Chattanooga

  • ​minimize carbon footprint
  • timeless design
  • neutral palettes
  • excellence in service 
  • superior quality

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  • use local talent & resources
  • 3rd party verified by EPA programs & membership
  • reuse/recycle materials
  • moisture resistant materials

REGREEN Trained professionals are well-equipped to make retrofit decisions t​hat improve home performance, energy efficiency and indoor air quality, respect the environment and save money